Teacher Discounts
We love to recognize and give back to the people in our community that we believe are making a difference. Triton Investments appreciate the value of teachers. In addition to teacher discounts on rent and deposits, we also host a fun "adopt-a-classroom" program. Research shows that 91% of teachers use their own funds to buy supplies for their students, and our program was created to help teachers offset this cost. If you are a teacher and want to know more about this please contact the office staff in the community you are living in. Together we can all make a difference to strengthen our community!                                                    
Giving Back
Windmill Cove is proud to give back to Mr. Walker's Biology, Zoology, and AP Environmental Science class. Mr. Walker is a fun dedicated teacher who teaches 10th ,11th and 12th grade. His classrom was always hot and there was no school funds for a A/C unit. We were happy to grab an oar and help them out as we want Mr. Walkers and his class to stay cool  

Cedar Breaks was able to lend a hand to Ms. Hogenson’s kindergarten and special education class. We were able to supply them with new learning books, art supplies and many more tools to help them throughout the year. In return her whole class wrote us sweet thank you letters. Thank you, Ms. Hogenson and your class. Keep up the amazing work! 

“Your role as a leader is even more important than you might imagine. You have the power to help people become winners.”
                                Ken Blanchard.
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