About Us

Triton Investments is a local family business that primarily builds and manages apartment communities in the Mountain West. With over thirty years in the industry, we have devoted our expertise to building and maintaining quality apartment homes. Our apartment homes are well-designed, large and competitively priced with no shortcuts in the quality of construction or management. We consider our company much more than just a business. Triton Investments has been established to provide an honorable living for our employees, our families and our investors by creating caring  communities for our residents and not just developing apartment properties.  

Mission Statement
Mission Statement: Triton’s mission is to make lives bigger by building, managing and maintaining high-value real estate and true communities. We provide the framework so people have a place to build their lives.
Core Values

1. Family First
     Sense of belonging
     Creating Community
     Employees, investors and residents are our framework

2.  Grab an Oar
     Lead side by side
     Quality everywhere
     We don't deserve, we earn
     & (We can explain this)

3.  Connection
     Trust is the cornerstone of our culture
     Listen and speak from the heart
     Recognize creativity and excellence
     Shell support

4.  Passion
     Service from the heart
     Stir up laughter
     Breathe deep
     Play full out

5.  Carpe Diem
     Find purpose in everyday
     Vision for excellence
     Celebrate success
     Learn from experience
     Dream maker

Awards and Recognition
Triton Investments, Inc. BBB Business Review